One of the main advantages of buying plant online is the education about the plants that you will be purchasing is excellent.  On every product page online nurseries include plant size, plant color, location recommendations, flower colors, foliage colors, and a variety of suggested uses. Also, they include photos that show you exactly what the plant looks like.

There is a wider selection of varieties available when ordering seed through catalogs. Do you want an orange-colored eggplant or golden colored snow pea? Go to the seed catalogs. If you’re looking for a particular variety with disease resistance, colorful fruits, unusual growth habits, or special flavor, you’re more likely to find it in a catalog.

Buying seeds via a catalog is often cheaper, too. You can shop around for the best price for that variety, and often when buying it in larger quantities, you can get a discount. But before buying everything in sight, inventory what you have left from last year. If stored properly, those lettuce, tomato and pepper seeds in opened packets can still germinate and grow fine

We have listed down below some of the best nurseries to choose from:


Suttons Seeds is an internationally renowned supplier of flower and vegetable seeds, young plants, bulbs, fruit bushes and other horticultural products to amateur gardeners. We have a reputation for quality and service that is second to none, and a remarkable history that goes back over two hundred years.

For anyone with an interest in plants, the idea that you can surround yourself, in your very own home, with a selection of exotic ‘living ornaments’, is intensely appealing. House plants will bring you pleasure every day of the year, for many years to come. Sutton has everything you are looking for.

Garden Goods Direct

If you looking to add some life and color to your home? Check out the wide selection of houseplants and tropical plants to provide elements of style and fresh air to your living area.

Houseplants have loads of benefits. They can clean the air in your house, increase memory and productivity and even help you breathe better. Woodie, the true nurseryman, and his team of personally trained plant experts inspect each of plants to make sure you’re getting high quality houseplants at a competitive price.

House of plants

House of plants specialises exclusively in quality houseplants, pots and containers for the home and office. Because they specialises solely in house plants and accessories, they offer quality and value you will not find anywhere else in the UK.


They are passionate about exotic indoor plants, we know them and always endeavor to precondition them so that you do not have many of the problems so often associated with indoor plants, after all they have a stock of thousands of plants and we have to know how to care for them.


At garden4you you get to Choose from a large assortment of Houseplants and other Indoor Plants available online.

You’ll brighten your living room with an affordable houseplant from the houseplant category. All the houseplants are 100% guaranteed to grow, and are delivered quickly within the UK.

Indoor plants don’t just look good they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. The addition of houseplants to your home is a natural way to reduce air pollution and increase oxygen levels. Houseplants control the humidity in a room to within the optimum range for our health.


Perfect Plants Ltd started out as purely a wholesale nursery in East Sussex, providing plants to garden centres in the South East of England.  They provide the best quality plants, and they strive to continue this high standard.

Houseplants are good for you! Some house plants, such as succulents actually produce oxygen at night, which is highly unusual.  At perfect plants you get to bowse a range of house plants including exotic Palms, Cacti, Succulents, Lucky Bamboo Euphorbia, Umbrella plants and many more. They make great housemates!