Whether you’re an experienced farmer or a complete novice, the internet has everything you are looking for, the flowing are some of the best plant nurseries in the UK


Is the biggest gardening website in the UK and the only one able to supply a significant range of plants. Crocis offers the biggest choice of plants in the UK. For example, a good garden centre can give you around 400 plant varieties to choose from. They can offer over 4,000.

Crocus have won 25 gold medals for gardens that they have built and grown the plants for. As a result, they now provide plants for most of the leading garden designers in the country. People like Luciano Giubbilei, Tom Stuart Smith, Jinny Blom and Kim Wilkie to name but a few!

Beth Chatto Gardens

This nurseries offers an extensive choice of over 2000 different kinds of mainly herbaceous plants and bulbs. The plants are classified according to their growing conditions. In the Nursery the shade loving plants are sheltered under a metal structure, damp loving plants, drought-resistant plants, alpines and herbs are the other sections, and in each the plants are to be found in alphabetical order. From summer 2014 the greenhouse next to the shade tunnel is also open selling tender succulents.

The Nursery shop sells a fantastic range of gardening gifts including Beth Chatto’s books, guides of the Gardens, our beautiful range of greetings cards and postcards, tools chosen by the staff and locally made pottery. New introductions for 2014 include ranges of selected gifts from natural soaps and lip balms to delicate ceramic bird feeders. The range changes throughout the year and all our stock is carefully hand selected by the Nursery Manager for its practicality, beauty and unusual quality.

Binny’s Plants

Binny Plants is a plant nursery that grows and sells a big range of old, new and unusual plants. They specialise in hardy, garden-worthy perennials, grasses, ferns and trees and shrubs.

After selling his Bluebird Record shops in London more than 20 years ago, Billy moved back to Scotland and started the nursery. David joined in 2014. Both of them have had a life-long love of gardening and the nursery is how they share the very best plants that do well and perform in UK gardens.

All the plants produced on the nursery are grown in Melcourt peat-free compost. It’s a custom mix made specially for us, based on their core recipe which has been a which? Gardening Best Buy for the past 5 years.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees Ltd is one of the UK’s leading and largest tree nurseries with over 20 years experience of providing beautiful quality ornamental trees, fruit trees and large shrubs. Offering a huge range of over 500 varieties of plant, covering everything from the most popular varieties to more unusual or rare choices! There are particularly extensive ranges of the ever popular flowering cherry (Prunus), Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum), Magnolia and Birch (Betula)trees.

Long Acre plants

Long Acre Plants is essentially a mail order plantsman’s nursery, situated in a hidden triangle of Somerset that slides into Dorset and Wiltshire. They specialise in unusual woodland plants and plants for shade, by mail order. This includes Erythronium, Epimedium, hardy ferns, hardy geraniums, hellebores (Helleborus), snowdrops, Viola odorata and Hepatica amongst many other shade loving plants.

They grow in an environmentally aware way, including peat free compost, collecting and recycling rain water and using recycled paper. Plus all electricity used in the nursery and office is generated by wind or hydro, not through burning fossil fuels.

C & K Jones

Roses have been making people smile for years. As time passes, rose varieties are being produced with better colours, perfumes, foliage, better uniformity, more reliable flower production and improved resistance to pests and diseases.

C&K Jones has a reputation for quality roses. Quality roses of every kind such as hybrid tea roses, floribunda roses, climbers, ramblers, ground cover roses and standard roses. There are pink roses, wonderful red roses, bright yellow roses, perfect white roses and proud purple roses too.

They have been building their reputation for nigh on thirty years. We’re proud of our roses, and we will never prejudice our good name.