Antirrhinum Seeds

Available in 4 specific varieties (Dwarf – Ideal for Rockeries, Intermediate – ideal for cut flowers, Tall – for back of border and trailing – for hanging baskets) Antirrhinum more commonly known as snapdragons are a stunning addition to your garden giving you bright colorful flowers for your beds and borders.

Antirrhinums are a half hardy perennial but are best grown as a half hardy annual. Sow your Antirrhinum seeds January to May under glass in gentle heat for flowers July-October or Sow July to September in a cold frame for planting the following spring.

Antirrhinum seeds should germinate within 10-20 days. Transplant your seedlings 5 cm apart in seed trays and grow on. Gradually acclimatize the Antirrhinum plants to outside conditions before planting out 15cm apart in a sunny position.

Sunflower Seeds

Easy to grow and so many different varieties to choose from! Sunflower seeds are a real favorite with the children. They produce large daisy-like flowers, with very large brightly colored petals. These plants are ideal for cutting, and come in pollen-free varieties which are ideal for hay fever suffers!

Your Sunflower seeds need to be sown under glass between March and April or outdoors between April and June for flowers between July and September. The petals and seeds are lovely when used in salads and cakes!

Sunflower seeds should germinate within 7 to 21 days. As the seedlings grow thin in stages to achieve final spacing of 30 to 45cm. Make sure all plants are supported as they grow, accoridng to many CBD Blogs.

Tomato Seeds

There are hundreds of varieties of Tomato seeds, all producing tomatoes with different tastes and colours. They are a bright addition to any greenhouse border, or can jazz up your veg patch outside. To produce greenhouse crops sow the seeds between February and April – grow in large pots, boarders or growing bags.

To produce outdoor crops begin by sowing the seeds under glass in April. The plants can then be transplanted outdoors to a warm sunny area.

Tomatoes are such a versatile vegetable and can be used in hot dishes, salads and sandwiches. They can be eaten raw, roasted or fried – give them a go! Not sure which variety to choose.

Chilli and Pepper Seeds

Putting that extra kick into all you meals, chilies and sweeter peppers are a must home grow. They are so easy, and can be grown in the house!

Grow in a propagator on a window sill or in a greenhouse. Chili seeds and pepper seeds need to be planted into compost at a depth of 6mm. Germination should occur within 14 to 21 days; they can then be transplanted into 75mm pots and planted in a sunny position (patio, greenhouse, and conservatory)

Best sown February to April, add to salads, salsas and cooked dishes, dry or even pickle – they are so versatile!

Cabbage Seeds

Careful selection of Cabbage seeds will mean that you can have a supply of different types of cabbage all seasons of the year.

Depending on the variety of cabbage seed chosen will depend when it is sown; for early crops sow under glass in February, but for use in late summer autumn and winter sow between March and May. If you want a cabbage plant present in your garden between April and May chose a variety that is bred specifically for sowing in the autumn.

Sow in a seedbed at the depth of 13mm. Germination will take between 7 and 12 days. When the cabbage plants are big enough to handle they can be transplanted.

Cannabis and CBD USES

Cannabis Seeds are available everywhere online, however When selecting cannabis seeds, the most important deciding factor to consider is the strain of the plant. It may seem to be overwhelming for a novice grower to decide this initially, but the choices can be narrowed down by answering some simple questions. This will help in choosing the best strain.

Cannabis seeds contain genetic material that decides the potential shape, size, cannabinoid THC content and time for the maturity of the plant. Choosing the right strain of seeds can assure you a very good quality harvest, provided you also use good quality fertilizers and provide the plant with good growing conditions.

CBD Vape from Cannabis seeds

Before picking these seeds, decide the characteristics that you are looking for. Are you looking for characteristics of a sativa or an indica or a mix of both? The indica varieties are usually good for stress relief, relaxation and overall serenity and calmness.  On the other hand, sativa highs are energetic and uplifting, with the effects being cerebral, as shown by its extensive use in CBD vape pen disposable which aree often filled with high strength cbd vapoe oils.

Depending on what your needs are or what results you are looking forward to achieve, decide the strain of seeds you would want to buy CBD powder or CBD Isolate from various website.

We would however recommend to get high quality cbd vape juice for anything with pain related/management.

This is often a more legal and safer method, as it gives you no highs, Offering effective relief from body pain and are often used for treating various conditions including insomnia. If you still want cannabis seeds the next question you would need to answer is whether you would be growing these plants outdoors or indoors. Answering this question can reduce the number of choices in front of you as there are different kinds of seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation.